Hi there. I am a professional artist with an inability to control my imagination. I am fascinated with shape, texture, color, light, mood and our emotional reactions to each one. That is how I see and experience the world.

I spent the first 21 years of my career as a professional artist as an Art Director in the entertainment industry, namely in video games. I never had any plans to work in entertainment though. When I was studying art in school I had planned on being a fine artist. However, back in early 1990’s some amazing visionaries began to mix technology and entertainment in a new way and I was enthralled. Never had an art form freed my imagination like that and so I found a new field of study that would allow me to be an artist in a new way. Not long before I graduated I was approached by a start-up game studio for a position, which of course I accepted, and it was not long after that that I had grown into the role of Art Director. I spent the next 20 years in that industry where my art evolved right along with the technology. In that time I had the good fortune and honor to work with some of the most iconic names in entertainment such as Lucus Film (Star Wars), Tolkien (Lord of the Rings), Dreamworks and Marvel Entertainment to name a few.

ARTOLOGY – COMBINING ART & TECHNOLOGY  |  After creating art for entertainment for so many years I realized that there was some untapped potential with the complex processes of technology and art and so I left games to focus on using my knowledge of that technology and my artistic vision to create a new style of fine art for residential, retail, commercial and interior designers. It is extremely satisfying to be able to create my own art as well as help bring someone else’s vision to life through custom artwork and commissions.

I have developed a method of creating my art that is somewhat complex which involves an array of different processes. In fact, sometimes while making art I get a bit lost in where I am in the process. This is not always bad as it allows me to discover new ways to create my art. The process is always evolving just as I am as an artist.

I have created a unique and very complex process that uses many different pieces of advanced and specialized software that were created specifically for the large entertainment industries. These software programs are the same ones that are used to create major motion pictures and high end video games. Each piece of art is created using up to 8 different programs (Photoshop is never used) and consists of up to 20 million objects placed in 3D space. Those objects are then methodically sculpted into a composition utilizing physical depth. Once the initial composition is complete, custom physical materials are created and applied. From there cameras and real world lighting are created and carefully positioned. All of the elements are then fastidiously tweaked, adjusted and balanced until the art piece is complete.

The final art piece is then rendered to actual print scale to ensure there is no loss of image quality during the printing process. Depending on the complexity of the art, an art piece can take up to 2 weeks to complete. The final render alone can take up to 24 hours.

I hope from what I have shared here that you have a better understanding of me and the art that I create. I also hope that you enjoy looking through my website and that you see something that causes you to pause for a second look or at least something that gives you some inspiration. Art is an experience and it is our life experiences that help shape who we are.

If I can be a part of that in any way then you have just made my day!