Do you have a legitimate James Alary Art Piece in your possession?

James Alary art pieces are so very unique that there is a way to determine if you are in possession of one of his official art pieces.

All traditional printed James Alary Art includes a Certificate of Authenticity (this includes Rag Paper printed art, Glass printed art, Wallpaper printed art etc). The Certificate of Authenticity is specially designed for each individual art piece and therefore no two are the same ensuring that your Certificate matches to the art piece you have purchased. This should be attached to the back of your hanging piece. If you have purchased a piece of James Alary art and you were not handed a Certificate of Authenticity then you can always contact the James Alary Studio to confirm its Provenance and its authenticity.

The Ownership history, sales and provenance of all James Alary NFT Art is recorded in the Blockchain from which the transaction took place and therefore does not include a signed Certificate of Authenticity.