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Finding the right piece of art for your space is not always easy. It can be a difficult to find that one piece of art that speaks to you and that you know will fit the spot perfectly. Sometimes, to make that happen it requires commissioning a custom artpiece.

I have been commissioned to create many custom one-of-a-kind artwork for residential, commercial and corporate spaces. From one artpiece to many artpieces, I am happy to work with you to create the artwork that you want. If you are interested in commissioning me to create a custom original work please reach out to me using my CONTACT form.



The process of creating a custom artpiece is exciting and enlightening. Many times a Client will have a general vision in their minds about what their custom artwork will look like and sometimes the final piece is very close to that vision, but most of the time it evolves into something completely different. The journey itself is surprising and fun.

Before we begin I will ask you to describe your vision. It is perfectly fine if you do not have a vision. In that case we will discuss that and develop one together, or I can just take it and run myself. A good start would be to go through my existing artwork and tell me what pieces you are drawn to and why. Is it the color? Is it the shape language or the lighting? Commissions can range in complexity. Sometimes a Client will see one of my existing artpieces and will request the same or piece with a different color palette and other times the request will be to create something completely different. I will work closely with you to create your perfect artpiece.

I will also ask if you can send me photos of the space(s) that you would like to hang your new artwork. That will be very helpful in my ability to understanding and get a good feel for your space.

We will discuss all aspects of the art such as content, mood, style, colors, lighting, size and framing options. From our conversations and the information that you provide I will get to work in creating your custom artpiece.

Open communication is essential in this process and I provide you with updates and will ensure that we work closely every step of the way.

Generally, a commissioned artpiece will take within 2-4 weeks to complete.



I will provide a quote based on all of the required information. Once accepted I will provide an invoice with payment details. A non-refundable deposit of 50% will be due in advance with the balance paid at completion of the commission and acceptance. Shipping is free of charge Australia wide. Fees are for the artwork and final print only and do not include framing. I work with an outstanding framer and can assist you in selecting the perfect frame and style to finish off your new artwork. The balance of the invoice is required upon completion and approval of the artwork. Once payment is received I will arrange for the finished piece to be sent to your nominated address.



To discuss the creation of your own one-of-a-kind artpiece please use my CONTACT form.